Data-center survey: IT Repeats faster switches, intelligent computing

Data Center Operators
Ethernet switches, Fibre Channel switches, community analytics, and community automation

As information use varies, so do technical demands of the data centre operators, who need intelligence and speed.

The increase in data usage and consumption signifies the needs of IT managers are changing, along with a poll from Omdia (previously IHS Markit) found data-center operators are searching for intellect of all kinds, not only the artificial type.

The outcomes imply respondents expect to more than double their average amount of data-center websites between 2019 and 2021, and the average amount of servers located in data centers is forecast to double over the identical timeline. “We’re seeing a continuation of this enterprise DC growth stage signaled by the 2018 economists and confirmed by the respondents of the study. The transformation of this on-premises DC into a cloud architecture carries on, and the enterprise DC is going to be regarded as a first-class citizen as partnerships construct their multi-clouds and shift compute to the border.”
But the emphasis seems to be on network and not necessarily server gear. By 2019 into 2021, more than 60 percent of respondents expect to maximize their investments in Ethernet switches, Fibre Channel switches, community analytics, and community automation. The installed base of data-center Ethernet-switch ports will grow 27% between 2019 and 2021 with greater rates (100/200/400GE) creating a larger portion of the installed base.

High speeds (65% of respondents), openness and interoperability (65%), along with application-awareness (65%) are the very best attributes economists seek when making data-center Ethernet-switching purchases. Greater port rates are an obvious upgrade choice, and it remains top-of-mind for ventures.

Instead of just any switches can perform. The number of respondents using Open Compute Project (OCP)-certified switches has increased considerably since 2019: 76% of respondents adopted OCP switches in 2019 per the 2019 survey versus 60% of respondents at 2018. Bare-metal switches, such as those provided by vendors of OCP-certified gear, can be found from numerous hardware vendors such as Edgecore, Delta Networks and Mellanox/Nvidia.

Program awareness and automated virtual machine (VM) motion are becoming more significant as more data center traffic gets routed out of central data centers to edge locations globally. Omdia states the results demonstrate that data-center networks can’t function in siloes, and economists want solutions that are easy to integrate, letting them monitor their information across compute and storage, independent of physical data-center location.

And with all that data and virtual reality machines to move about, economists seem to be keen on the benefits that being promises to bring. Many sellers claim their high-throughput (100G-plus Ethernet) DC switches are designed for use in environments necessary to handle resource-intense programs such as AI and ML. But Omdia says it remains to be seen just how AI features will affect the DC media market and also what qualitative and qualitative outcomes will lead to.

Omdia additionally says data-center orchestration software will offer automated coordination and direction of resource pools including network equipment, servers, and storage. “Enterprise IT teams are still selecting orchestration applications, and the alternative for physical and digital shifting from the DC will be based on the orchestration software selected,” the report said.